By Angel Rosas

I have learned so much in the few days that I have spent with the people at Next Generation Radio. 

One of the first things that really struck me was how much faith the team had in me and my peers. I think that I tend to doubt my own abilities. It happens so much that I almost didn’t apply for this opportunity. I have really come to an understanding that a career in this field will force me to always learn and there is little reason to be afraid of showing how much I don’t know.

Illustration is a part of Next Gen and a fun way to add to the story. (Credit: Yunyi Dai)

One of the real world journalism lessons I learned came from my mentor during our interview. I had asked a question that led to a topic that I noticed our interviewee was apprehensive to talk about so I didn’t press. However, my mentor did. Her response was a powerful statement about a difficult part of her occupation that nearly moved her to tears. It was by far the most interesting and moving piece of audio we got. It amazed me that she was willing to share that piece of information, but also my mentor’s willingness to go for it. I want to make sure that I am also willing to go for those tough questions. 

I was also reminded of how great it was to work in a team of people who really love what they do. When we were really grinding to get things done for my piece I could see how interested and involved everyone was. That energy just pushed me to be more creative and push myself in certain ways. 

The team’s passion also helped when they were critiquing and editing some of my ideas. It never once felt like they were belittling my ideas or emphasizing my inexperience, but suggesting alternative routes to a better product. 

As I search for an organization to start my career after college I know I will be searching for co-workers and collaborators who resemble the Next Generation team that supported and helped me through this week. 

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